Career Check-Up
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Career, noun: (Source: Webster's Unabridged Dictionary)

An occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training,followed as one's life work;

A person's progress or general course of action through life;

Success in a profession or occupation;

A course, especially a swift one;

To run or move rapidly along, especially at full speed.

Does YOUR Career fit this Definition ?

  • Do you feel you are making ENOUGH progress toward ACHIEVING a fulfilling livelihood?
  • Are you experiencing TRUE " success" in your current choice of work?
  • Are you mired in ambivalence, politics and boredom?
  • Has your work chosen you, rather than you choosing your work?
  • Is this work TRULY your calling? Your life purpose? Your passion?

If your answer is "NO" to THE MAJORITY of these questions, NOW, NOT LATER, is the time to take stock and determine what it will take to develop a strategy AND make a shift to FINALLY do and become what and who you were truly meant to be. 

To accomplish a career shift, you will need help to:

  • Enhance your current job situation while deciding what to do
  • Determine what career best suits your personality and skills
  • Design a personalized strategy to make the shift
  • Learn the powerful secrets of networking for success
  • Create a resume that will get results
  • Write winning cover letters and practice effective follow-up

If, HOWEVER, your answer is "YES" to most of these questions, you may feel you can either progress faster or do your job more effectively RIGHT where you are.

To enhance your current job situation, you PROBABLY need help to:

Communicate better with your boss and co-workers

Learn new ways to become better organized

Manage your time better

Attain improved balance in your life

Supervise your people to maximize your group's results

Design a career path to reach your ultimate job goal

I KNOW I can help you TRANSITION to a new career or IMPROVE the one you have. 

I can share with you the secrets I have learned the hard way,
so you don't have to repeat the same mistakes most of us routinely make.  


Copyright 2004 David C. Thurston.  All rights reserved.


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