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Careers and clients come in many shapes and sizes. Frequently, I am asked what my typical client looks like. Much to my pleasure, I have found there is no common denominator. 

I have been fortunate to partner with clients from all walks of life seeking to maximize their professional lives. These clients range from teenagers to retirees, with varying religious, political and social preferences. They hail from all over the country and every rung of the corporate and business ladder, including executives, middle managers and those who support them. My clients represent a blend of courageous and focused individuals who know that happiness and fulfillment in one’s career is crucial to happiness overall.



• Are you targeted for promotion, but need exposure or more skills? 

• Do you need to establish credibility and/or improve results? 

• Are you frustrated because your organization is not fully effective?

• Do you need to reduce the work force, but want to do so humanely?

• Do you sense it is time to move on, but don't know how or where? 

• Do you realize life "is too short" and want to gain some balance?


• Have you been told you need to communicate better?

• Do you need insights and skills to get the best out of your team?

• Are you new to your position but expected to learn and produce results NOW?

• Do you feel "stuck" and want to move within the company, or even leave it?

• Are you fed up, want to try something different, but have no idea what?

• Do you like the work but don’t think you are meeting expectations?

• Do you like the company, but have a job that is a bad fit?


• Are you bored silly, but have no idea how to get out of the rut?

• Do you have a cloudless boss with no interest in your career? 

• Do you know you could be promoted if you knew how to "play the game"?

• Are you in a technical job where your people skills are being wasted?

• Do you wonder if it’s possible to have a job that is fulfilling?


• Are you having trouble coordinating efforts due to team members’ divergent backgrounds, skills or philosophies? 

• Is the team suffering from lack of direction, differing agendas and conflicting personalities? 

• Does the team seem to be comprised only of leaders and no followers -- or vice versa?


• Have donations tailed off, forcing you to consider reducing staff? 

• Are you losing sight of the mission for the sake of running a business?

• Do you lack the requisite business skills to operate effectively?

• Do you need new ideas and concepts to revitalize your purpose? 

• Are you frustrated with the politics, but have no solutions?


• Are you making enough money? 

• Are you as focused and disciplined as you could be?

• Do you pay attention to the details, where the “devil” resides?

• Do you have the skills to create, manage, and sell?

• Is your life balanced?

• Do you have a plan for the future?

• Do you have an idea for a part-time business, but at a loss as how to get started? 


• Do you see the pitfalls of growth? 

• Are you managing your people effectively or is everyone chasing their tails?

• Are your sales slipping, but you don't know how to turn them around?

• Are you trying to do too much yourself? 

• Do you have the resources to be successful? 

• Do you know how to best deal with a fluctuating economy? 

• What IS your strategy?


• Are you getting burned out from too many hours, with less and less to show for it? 

• Is what started out being exciting and fun turning into a drag? 

• Is your field no longer as respected as it once was? 

• Is the system getting too complex for all the wrong reasons? 

• Are you having more difficulty in generating enough revenue to maintain your current lifestyle? 


• Do you find yourself getting blocked more and more these days? 

• Are you doing better work, but generating fewer sales? 

• Are you bogged down with details and paper work, taking you away from what you do best? 

• Do you feel hemmed in and have less fun than you used to? 

• Are you losing the focus you used to have? 

• Do you have a “Plan B”?


• Are you a student completing your education with no idea as to what you might do for a living? 

• Are your parents getting on your case? 

• Do you have loans to be repaid? 

• Are you considering taking any old job, regardless if it matches your talents or interests? 

• Do you have a good resume? 

• Do you appreciate how much you have to offer an employer? 


• Now that the kids are older and you want to return to work, are you unsure about what you want to do? 

• Even if you do know, do you know how to go about achieving it? 

• Does the idea of preparing a resume frighten you? 

• DOES the thought of an interview paralyze you?

• Do you believe there is really nothing out there for you anyway?


• I truly love working with new coaches, guiding them On The Path to establishing and growing a thriving coaching practice. 

• I will help you identify your natural strengths, sharing with you easy-to-learn techniques that help clients become the best they can be. At the same time, I will help you reach your full potential as a coach, sharing with you effective methods I have personally evaluated and used in my practice to attract and retain new clients. 

• Yes, you CAN have a full and fulfilling practice, doing what you love, with clients that are a perfect fit for you! 


• Are you planning to retire, but are reluctant because you don't know how to do anything but work?

Have recently retired and are at loose ends, feeling no sense of accomplishment or fulfillment?

• Did you think playing golf and puttering around the house would be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but are now getting bored?

Working with many unique individuals from diverse backgrounds, I know that the principles for success and fulfillment are universally applicable. Yes, there is a process that works for you! 

You are probably not utilizing your strengths to peak efficiency, nor are you realistically addressing your weaknesses, or “Achilles’ heels”. I can help you do this, objectively and with unequivocal support. For an easy and fun way to assess your current career, try my
Career Check-Up.

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