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In addition to our one-on-one coaching, Synergistic Coaching also provides Teleclasses and Group Coaching opportunities.


A Teleclass is similar to a telephone conference call.  The participants dial into a pre-arranged number to learn about a specific topic.  These interactive sessions combine information and instruction, while fostering dialogue among the participants.

Teleclasses are quite cost-effective compared with traditional, individual coaching. Many work teams and social organizations have found them to be invaluable, producing practical results that can make an immediate difference.

To date, our Teleclasses have incorporated programs developed by the Life Planning Institute exploring various aspects of the How To be Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise concepts of personal development created by Kent McArthur.  Upcoming programs will address subjects featured in On The Path, such as career transition and relationship coaching.  Keep checking the website for additional details and updates.

Group Coaching consists of in-person meetings or Teleclasses among people with common areas of interest or specific goals.  These sessions are focused on developing individual strategies in a group setting, as opposed to traditional Teleclasses geared toward information gathering and learning.

Upcoming Group Coaching will focus on specific, structured programs, including Coachville's "Personal Foundation", "Powers of Attraction", "Absence Of" and "A Perfect Life" programs, among others.  Please let Dave know if you are interested in any of these programs, which will be offered both individually and for groups.  Keep checking the website for additional details and updates.



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