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When I began formally coaching clients a few years ago, only about one percent of the people I met had even heard of the profession. Today, that number is probably over fifty percent, reflecting the increase in coaches (now over 15,000 worldwide) and the successful results clients in all walks of life have realized. 

In other pages on this website, I have tried to provide a flavor of the types of issues and the kinds of people who have benefited from the coaching experience. Still, you may be wondering: 

OK, but what is coaching, really ?

My philosophy, simply put, is that the coaching experience will enable you to maximize your full potential. You will collaborate, by phone, with an experienced and well-trained mentor and partner to identify your essential needs and goals in life while developing a strategy and action plan to achieve them. That's it! 


Perhaps for the first time in your life you will be operating in a completely safe, non-judgmental environment where the only agenda is to make you the best you can be.

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the
three things we crave most in life - happiness, freedom, and peace of mind
- are always attained by giving them to someone else.  
    Peyton Conway March

Any good newspaper article should answer the following questions: WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE and HOW. Likewise, we would like to be able to answer these questions about ourselves and about the lives we have chosen. CAN YOU?

WHO are YOU ?

• Can you accurately describe your own personality?

• Do you really know your major strengths and skills?

• Are you well versed in your weaknesses, or “Achilles Heels”?

• Are you aware that every person is born with certain personality characteristics  that we are “hard-wired” to think and act in certain ways?

• Do you thoroughly understand your core values and beliefs?

• Most importantly, do you really comprehend your own individual needs?  

• Do you understand how perfect you are already? 


WHAT do YOU want and need?

• Do you struggle with this seemingly simple question?

• Do you realize that unless you know what you want and need, you will wind up with whatever society feels is right for you?

• Do your parents know? Do your teachers, your bosses, your co-workers know? Does your spouse or partner? 

• Do you usually trust their judgment? Does that work for you?


WHY are you doing it ?

• Are you leading your life based on your desires or those of society, playing by someone else's rules?

• Do you have limiting beliefs about your capabilities to get what you really want?

• Do you have the "Disease to Please"? Is it working for you?

• Are you simply on a treadmill, getting nowhere?

• Is “but” a favorite word of yours? How about "would", "could" and "should"?

WHEN are you going to get your own needs met ?

• After you come back from vacation? After you finish that report? 

• After you lose weight? After you get your act together? After the kids are grown? 

• Can you eliminate the word "AFTER" from your vocabulary? 

• Do you realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life? 

• Maybe past experiences are holding you back, but do you realize you 
can't change history, but you can change the way you look at it?


WHERE am I and where do I want to be going ?

• Can you step up and see where you are in life, objectively and without judgment? 

• What path are you on? Are you are waiting for certainty before taking any steps forward? 

• Is change, even from a bad situation, scary to you? 

• Do you really understand that no progress was ever made without some risk? 

• Do you know where you want to be in five years? In one year? In six months? 

It is what is inside you that matters.  You, yourself, are your only real capital.
 Vladimir Zwroykin 1889-l982  Physicist

HOW can I do this ?

• This question is usually the one that bogs us down the most. 

• Do you understand that life is mostly a process, and that there are certain formulas for success that you might not be aware of? 

• That once you understand the process and get on the path, the outcome will take care of itself? 

• Do you know that all you need is COMMITMENT, which consists of ACTION + DESIRE? 

• Do you think you could learn these techniques better and faster with support and help? 


My goal is making sure my clients can answer all of these life-altering questions during the coaching process. Once they do answer them honestly and get off their "buts", the "hows" become easy.

Coaching helps you get on the right path and propels you to keep your feet moving and achieve the fulfillment in life we all deserve and are meant to have


Copyright © 2004 David C. Thurston.  All rights reserved.



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