On The Path
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On The Path

On The Path is designed to provide you with current perspectives on real life, day-to-day issues that will enable you to acquire and retain:

The Vision to See
The Faith to Believe
The Courage to Do

We strive to make each issue relevant with useful tips, thought-provoking ideas and concrete strategies for thriving in today's complex environment. You will learn our current thinking on the career and personal issues most meaningful to you, along with the opinions and observations of experts in the field and even those of my clients. 

Below is a sample ezine.  Past ezines are archived and searchable for your easy reference.

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to your friends and encourage them to subscribe if you enjoy the material.  Of course, anyone can unsubscribe at any time.

"I seem to do my best creative thinking while walking or running, especially on a paved path in scenic Peace Valley, a beautiful preserved recreation area of Bucks County near where I live. While there this week, I was reminded of the ambiguities and distortions of life as I ran towards a dam at the end of beautiful Lake Galena.

Because of the various twists and turns of this path, at times the nearer one gets to the dam, the farther away it seems.
Life can be like that frequently, can't it? We pursue our goals and dreams and they often seem farther away than they really are. Sometimes, even, farther away than when we started."

The name of this ongoing newsletter is "On the Path", a metaphor I frequently encourage people to embrace once they have determined their own personal or professional path.

Once chosen, the trick is to realize you ARE on the path; to STAY ON the path; and especially, know WHERE the path is leading you. Don't be deceived by physical or emotional illusions or, worse yet, stopped in your tracks by the many obstacles that inevitably will present themselves. And, most importantly, keep your feet moving!"

As usual, I welcome your observations on this topic and always am happy to receive any examples of how these concepts have impacted your life, for better or worse.  I also appreciate hearing from you about any questions or subjects you might wish to see addressed here in the future.

With You On The Path,




Copyright 2004 David C. Thurston.  All rights reserved.



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